Books to Read After Harry Potter

The epic Harry Potter series came to an end, with The Deathly Hallows. These seven book series captivated the reading audience with 'magic' and gave rise to a new generation of book lovers. Therefore, the conclusion of the series left a void among the ardent Potter fans, all over the world, who still craves for more.

Fortunately, there are several admirable books that can prove to be the best choice to read after Harry Potter. We will be covering ten such books that are mystical, innovative and endearing. These fantasy based books are meant for the adults and children alike and though these books may or may not follow the theme or genre similar to 'Potter', they are definitely excellent and can easily engross the reading world.

The Last Unicorn written by Peter S. Beagle is a classic novel that depicts the journey of a Unicorn, an immortal wizard and a cat. This fantasy based book narrates their pursuit to find what happened to the unicorns. The underlying theme of the novel reflects love, delusion against realism, failure, compassion and destiny. The story is an amalgamation of myths and folklore just like the story of Harry Potter. The fantasy has an emotional twist when the characters of the book give up their belief in the supernatural or mythological creatures.

Many people draw similarities between His Dark Materials, which is a trilogy by Philip Pullman and Harry Potter. This particular book series involves intricate and adult themes which make it appropriate for the grown-up readers. These books are pleasurable as they leave impressions of magic comparable to Harry Potter. Pullman's books are ideal for reading after the Potter series.

The Lord of the Rings is another epic trilogy that has caught the interest of several Potter fans. J. R Tolkien drew many things from mythology and some of the characters of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter have similar traits and features. Nevertheless, it is an interesting and gripping book which can surely capture the attention of Potter readers.

The Hobbit is another novel by Tolkien. It is a story that revolves around Bilbo Baggins - the hobbit and his adventures in Middle-Earth. In his perilous expedition, he comes across monsters and discovers inner bravery, strength etc. It is a fascinating and a must read book for Potter fans.

Susannah Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel is a novel based on secrecy, magic and marvel which makes the reading enjoyable. It is an excellent followup book after Harry Potter.

The Sparrow written by Mary Doria Russel is actually a science fiction however; it handles several themes that can earn earnest appreciation from Potter fans.

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke portrays the life of two orphans who escapes to Venice and stumbles upon the mystifying Thief Lord. Though the Lord helps them, he also draws them into risky robberies. The story is about magic, mystery and bonding which reminds one of Harry Potter.

The Chronicles of Narnia are amusing books to read after Harry Potter. It is a fantasy series about the amazing kingdom of Narnia which spans across seven books. Narnia has loads of fantastic beasts like Harry Potter. Also, the passage to the world of Narnia is through a cupboard which reminds of platform 9 ¾. The story of Narnia is enthralling and engrosses the readers successfully.

Homeland by R.A Salvatore reveals the Drow world which is underground, deceitful and is inhibited by Drizzt Do'Urden. Drizzt is unable to adjust in the Muggle world just like Harry. However, unlike Harry who gets admission at Hogwarts School, Drizzt is practically left alone as despite being a great warrior, he declines to slay other Drows, which is a part of his duty towards his family and society. Salvatore produces a very sinister world, but the readers share Drizzt's loneliness and discover optimism in his compassion and might.

Earthsea Trilogy written by Ursula K. LeGuin is renowned for her writing style more than the story. The Wizard of Earthsea trails Ged as he turn into a full fledge wizard. The remaining part of the series tracks his adventures as he gains power. Earthsea is a delight for fantasy book readers. The wizard world reminisce the magical world of Harry Potter.

To conclude, it is always a special treat to revisit the Harry Potter series and read it all over again and again. This article is to bring a persons attention to what is available to read that are related to the Harry Potter series. There are web sites available that will show more books to read that relates to the same theme to be reviewed.
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